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Mitigating Circumstances- would you know what to do?

Mitigating Circumstances (MCs) procedure helps when life gets in the way of your studies and your results suffer. When stressed or down- would you know where to find information and guidance about MCs?

Every year Advice and Representation Centre runs MCs Quiz where students are asked about various scenarios related to MCs- and this year the winner was Gabriele  – Level 1 OT student won first place prize of £50.


So would you know what to do if you were ill just before an exam? Or if your child or parent needed looking after at the time you should have been attending a placement or writing an assignment?

If you are unsure- always speak first to your tutor or supervisor. If you find it difficult to contact them or explain your problem (which sometimes can be very personal), come and talk to us at the ARC

And finally, you can save a bookmark about our MCs Guide. You don't have to remember all the details- but the least you should do is know how to find it fast.