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New Tax Guide for Students

A new and very detailed website containing useful advice on matters related to tax and student status

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A  new website has been launched ‘Tax Guide for Students’  which offers guidance to help further and higher education students navigate through the complexities of tax.


The website covers areas such as 

  •          Tax essentials
  •          Working
  •          Volunteering & training
  •          Tax credits & benefits
  •          Tax refunds
  •          Types of student
  •          Going abroad
  •          Other income
  •          Student loans

The website also includes a section on taking a job in tax with stories and testimonials from people who are currently employed or have had a very successful career in the world of tax.

It is easy to access via laptops, mobile phones and tablets and it is a handy place to pick up valuable resources and extra assistance on specific topics that students may come across.