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Student Finance- Phishing alert!

We continue to bring awareness of Phishing scams to students, urging them not to reveal their personal details on-line.

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Students are often targeted with  phishing  e-mails  around  student  finance  payment  dates (with 3rd instalment now underway for Academic Year 13/14).


Students  should ignore messages that tell them to ‘validate their account’or  provide  any  personal,  security  or  banking  details.  SFE will never request for students to provide or confirm their information in this way.


Practical  guidance  for  students  and  top tips on how they can safeguard their  funds  is available here.  Further instructions are also  provided  if  a student believes they have received any communication that  is suspicious, or are concerned about the safety of their account. If they  have  responded  to a phishing e-mail, they must change their account password   and  forward  the  phishing  e-mail  to  SFE's Security  Team  at


We  would appreciate your assistance by passing this message on to your friends and other students.