A explanation of what happened Thursday 11/10/2018

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A update on our event.

As many students will already know, Brunel Debate Society held a "Q&A event with Michael Freeman a Israeli Diplomat" on 11/10/2018(Thursday evening). This Article is here to update people on what happened.

I would Like to break this down into two sections. 

How the event went:

Our event started a little bit later than initially planned. But once the event started everyone got involved asking probing questions ranging from issues around Jerusalem to the west's relations with Israel.


We respect the right unconditionally for non-violent protest and believe that it is a fundamental part of our British values and our democracy. What we would like to do however is help solve some of the confusion around our event, particularly ticketing.

The simple facts

  • Tickets had to be reserved online to be able to come to the event.
  • Tickets had to be off sale by 12pm as embassy security required a 6hour gap for relevant security purposes.
  • Tickets were advertised via the debate society email list, twitter, facebook and whatsApp. Furthermore they where shared with Brunel J soc, Brunel Labour Society, Brunel Conservative Society and Brunel Politics Society via facebook.

We did not share tickets on Brunel Palestine Society's facebook page because as shown below they did not want to attend the event and we respected that decision.

Full transparency.

for the purposes of full transparency and to show we made every effort to accomodate Brunel Palestine Society below is our communications with Brunel Palestine Society.





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