Conservative Christmas Newsletter 2018

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The society has been more active than ever before. We have reached 48 members and are continuing to grow. We have also held more events this term than many past years combined. 

We also have many more fantastic events planned in 2019 such as Brexit talks and our 10 year anniversy BBQ in the summer. All in all we are looking foward to continuing our level of activity. It should be noted we have formed strong partnerships with the Hillingdon Conservatives and will continue to foster a good relationship.

This year the committee has been excellent in the dispencing of their duties and will continue to keep up the level of events we have. We always value our members feedback so please get in touch if you can think of anything the society can do better. 

We hope to all see you at our society AGM on The 18th of January at 5pm where you can have your say on how the society is run. 

From the society committee we wish you a merry Christmas and we hope to see you again in January. 




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