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A year to remember for the Brunel Blizzards

It's been a fantastic year for Brunel Blizzard's and we chatted to the current Chair Lucy Brooking about their highlights and what is in store for 2018/19!

  • Can you give an overview of how this year’s competitions have gone?

Blizzards took part in three competitions this year: Future Cheer University Nationals, ICC British Open and BCA University Nationals.  

Future Cheer University Nationals included around 100 teams throughout the whole competition. Our Pom team came 4th overall in their category with 16 other competitors. They compete in one of the hardest divisions as dance trends change quickly and it is crucial for teams to keep up with the trends in order to get the best score possible. The girls brought incredible energy to the floor at Future Cheer. They were sassy, sharp and excited the audience and judges

Frost competed in Level 1 co-ed division where they place 1st last year. With the pressure of last year’s placing, the team remained positive and confident bringing an enthusiastic attitude to training. This all paid off and they were again able to deliver a seamless routine at competition, hitting 0 and taking home the 1st place trophy. Not only did they win their division but they also beat 27 other teams to the Grand Champions title for the whole of Level 1.  

Hail competed in Level 3 co-ed and have had a challenging season with multiple dropouts, injuries and disappointments. Hail have remained motivated and at competition they were still able to deliver a fantastic routine. Despite the difficulties they have faced, Hail have been unfazed and were able to gain an impressive 2nd place against some great teams. They hit some amazing stunts and had a number of brilliant tumbles.  

ICC British Open included around 90 teams throughout the whole competition. Pom finished in 2nd place at this competition. Polishing up on the judges’ comments and with a few additions to the routine, they came prepared to Nottingham. These girls looked to be in another league on the floor, with sharp movements, spectacular timing, energy and enthusiasm.

Frost lived up to expectations yet again by winning a 1st place award and becoming National Champions for level one small division.

Hail had to go through many changes because of members leaving the team or getting injuries. They modified their routine and were forced to shuffle around stunt groups for maximum points and difficulty however it wasn’t their day on the floor this time around. So many elements of the routine looked crisp and their tumbling and jumps were amazing however a number of falls left them in a position that they were more than disappointed with and ended up placing 6th.  

BCA University Nationals was the last and most difficult competition. All teams had two weeks to modify their routines in order to correct issues that occurred at the British Open competition. Pom had even harder competition this time and had to deal with members dropping out of their routine. They put on an amazing performance and ended up coming 7th in their toughest competition. They have put out amazing performance this year with fantastic choreography created the amazing Ellie Gibbs who balances choreographing incredible routines with being a final year student.  

Frost also had a very difficult category with many competitors that they had never faced before and ended up putting out an amazing performance and placed a close second with 0.3 points between them and first place.  

Hail overcame more reshuffling of the team due to four athletes dropping out after ICC and ended up hitting a clean routine with zero deductions. They finished the season winning 1st place and becoming National Champions of Level 3 small division. This team have been through so much and all their hard work finally paid off when they got their gold medals.  

The coaches for Blizzards this year have done an incredible job. They have had so much patience and are always willing to help the committee out when necessary. They go above and beyond their roles because of how much they care about the team. Leonie has been particularly amazing stepping up and standing in as a flyer for Hail at BCA when one of our flyers dropped out after BCA.

  •    What has been the biggest achievement this year?

Our biggest achievement this year has been the recognition that Blizzards get at competitions. This is in the sense that other teams have come and congratulated us on our incredible performances. This has also been aided by the number of new members we have had this year which has allowed us to double the number of girls on games team for example.

  •     Who should we keep an eye out on for future performances?

I think you should keep an eye out for all the teams next year. Pom will have a new captain to bring fresh choreography and new styles. Hail and Frost have both achieved National Champion titles and will not be giving them up easily next year. The coaches are already thinking about new choreography and are well prepared for what next season holds.

  • What are the club’s aims for 2018/19?
  1. Increasing club membership to have more members in social squad and maintain the numbers for games squad.
  2. Larger social media presence with more RAG activities.
  3. All three competition teams placing in the top 3 at all three competitions.
  4. Make the showcase bigger and better with more university and allstar teams.
  5. Increase the intake of male members to the team.


  • Why should people join Cheerleading?

People should join cheerleading as we can provide a competitive or non-competitive environment to cater to all your needs. We make sessions varied and always ensure there are opportunities to learn new skills. We have helped many members learn to tumble within a number of months and have the best stunting coaches available. We ensure that all members of the team are invited to socials and actually enjoy themselves. We like to build friendships as it makes team cohesion better at competition and training. Cheerleading is not how you stereotypically know it and if you came to a session you would realise that it is much more than that.

We are excited to see many new faces in 2018 that can be part of the legacy of Blizzards!