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Volleyball Semester 1 Roundup

Brunel Volleyball have been on the journalistic front this term and produced match reports after their matches. Here are a selection; 


Brunel W1 vs East London W2

The first game of the season is always tough.  However, starting a new season as a new team is even tougher.  As we have had many new additions to the team, we were not quite used to it yet and training sessions are somewhat limited. During the first set (5-25), we were not as strong as we hoped to be, but still our spirits were high and we carried on.  As the game continued, there were plenty improvements made.  We were more coordinated and keen for the ball.  Many wonderful spikes and hits and our serves did not let us down.  Our second set (13-25) was an improvement as the scores show.  However, it was still not as great as we have hoped.  Our last set (17-25) was extremely exciting as the scores were closer, the team returned to the game with great determination, with stunning volleys and spikes.  Hopefully, as the season continues, we will establish ourselves as a team and perfect the mistakes that we made during our first match.


Chichester W1 ?vs Brunel W1

After a disappointing start to the season against UEL, Brunel's women's volleyball team faced Chichester away. The two previous results against them were 3-0 so this game was bound to help us bounce back. Once again, Brunel took this one by three sets to nothing. Despite the few messy points, our team dominated the game. Players #5 and #8 went on several serving streaks which won us the majority of our points. Our team also had many  incredible spikes which Chichester were unable to defend. The scores were 25-15, 25-7, 25-13, with the shortest set lasting only 13 minutes. This match demonstrated that the current squad is very promising - we just need to get used to playing together.


Brunel M1 vs Queen Mary M1

The result of the match were 0-3 in which Queen Mary won in straight sets. The first set was played very poorly in which we lost 8-25 however the sequential sets we gave a good fight in which there was a much smaller points gap, 17-25 for both set 2 and 3. Although the first set was a drastic loss the team kept their moral and pushed hard in the second and third set, playing really well and keeping high spirits. Although we lost this has been a really good insight into what we need to do better in future games, seeing that most of the players had minimal training and some only started playing the sport recently this game shows that there is potential in the team.


King’s College London M1 vs Brunel M1

The result for the match was 3-0, which King’s college won in straight sets. The game overall was played well, however the match was lost the sets were well contended. Although the play was sloppy in the start the players bounced back and gave a good shot at a win. Although the main players could not play in the match, the people who played did well in which they pushed the opposing team and played a competitive game against a well-constructed team who played well together. Seeing that the players are improving in such a fast pace, I’m looking forward to the next match we’re going to have against them.

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