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Women's Ultimate Frisbee Outdoor Regionals - Report

Lucy Hawkes reports from the Women's Outdoor Regionals for Ultimate Frisbee


Brunel Ladies were able to send a team to Women's Outdoor Regionals for the first time ever this year. As a new team to the tournament with lots of new players we started seeded 8th (out of 8).


Day 1


Brunel vs Cambridge (6-4)

A windy match to start the day but Brunel came out giving it everything and forcing lots of turn-overs for the other team and we managed to win our first game convincingly 6-4. 

Brunel Vs Oxford (2-11)

A game against a much more experienced Oxford (2nd seed) was tough. But Brunel learnt how to play against a new type of offence managed to get a few points on the score board. 

Brunel Vs Reading (9-8)

Brunel came out strong in this game, learning how to play against a zone which was new for most of the team. After going 8-5 up, Reading brought it back to sudden death at 8-8. Brunel managed to play really hard defense, and keep our cool on offence to put the point in and win in sudden death. 

Brunel ended the day in 4th seed, climbing a massive 4 seeds on the Saturday and learning loads! 


Day 2


Brunel Vs Imperial (6-8)

This was the 4 vs 5 game, we knew had Imperial had played well the day before and we managed to take an early lead. Imperial however managed to fight back and get the win. 

Brunel vs Reading (8-7)

Reading had clearly been practising their zone a lot since our previous game against them and came out with an improved zone which we took a while to adapt to and they went 4-0 up. However, Brunel didn't give up and managed to play through the zone bring the game back to 7-7 sudden death. Brunel scored the final point to beat Reading in sudden death again! 

Brunel vs Cambridge (5-8)

A very tired Brunel went into the final game for a re-match against Cambridge. Both teams had improved enormously since the first game of the weekend and it was a very hard fought, well-spirited final game. However, Cambridge managed to get the win 8-5. 

Brunel ended the tournament 6th seed, 2 up from where we started and qualified for Women's Outdoor Nationals!