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Brunel Hockey and Netball give back

As part of Community Action Week, Brunel Hockey and Netball clubs went to local primary schools to teach the children.

Brunel Hockey at Whitehall Primary School

This week is Community Action Week for the Union of Brunel Students, and only one day in and our members have been out and about in the community, getting involved and demonstrating the commitment our students show to the Hillingdon community.

On Monday afternoon, members of Brunel Hockey went to Whitehall Primary School to put on an hour-long session to the children there on playing Hockey. At the same time, Netball went to St Mary’s Primary School to put on a similar session. These one-off volunteering projects are important because young adults are role models to children. By going into the schools, showing them new skills, and enabling them to work with new people – our students are setting an example to the next generation of students.

Brunel student and Hockey club member Shelly Spooner says: “It was really good to gain experience of working with the local community at Whitehall Junior School. Even though the session was only an hour, all of the hockey members that volunteered connected with the children and could see that they thoroughly enjoyed the session we put on for them - one even told me they wanted to go to Brunel when they were older because we had visited- it just show the impact that we can have on the local community.”


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