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Union launches Community Impact Report

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The Union of Brunel Students have launched our annual community impact report, outlining the outreach and community development projects that we have been working on over the past year.

This year, we have launched our Community Organising scheme, a project designed to enhance our relationship with the local community by integrating our students and encouraging them to lead on issues that matter to residents too.

We've continued our SSHH Bus, which transports students from the town centre to their Uxbridge homes on Wednesday and Friday nights, helping to reduce noise and anti-social behaviour in residential areas.

We cleaned up sheltered housing accommodation gardens; held technology workshops for older and vulnerable residents to 'bridge the knowledge gap'; we've collected hundreds of donations for Hillingdon Foodbank; played host to over 1000 primary school children through our 'Be Brunel' scheme to promote Higher Education and give young children the opportunity to experience extra curricular activities that they may otherwise not have been able to take part in.

Hundreds of residents have received our termly 'Our Community' newsletters, our Freshers' Week introduction letter, and our Christmas Card which was designed by a local primary school child. We're also represented on the Residents Forum, and the Strong & Active Partnerships Board at Hillingdon Council.

Civic Engagement is another area that we've really pushed, and this year we had our most successful voter registration drive that we've had in three years.

We've promoted student-led volunteering amongst our Sports Clubs and Societies, with many taking the initiative to see where they can use their skills to give back to the local community.

To see the full report, go to and scroll to the bottom.

If you have any questions about our Community work, or have any suggestions - contact Kerri Prince on


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