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Why I'm Registered To Vote, by Hannah Jones Vice President Student Activities

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Yesterday it was National Voter Registration Day and 166,140 people registered to vote online in the space of 24 hours!

There are areas across the country with small majorities of people voting for a particular party. However newly registered and first-time voters can change the outcome of the election within those areas with small majorities. The power that these voters have extends beyond that, as each MP a party has will be essential in whether they receive a majority of seats in Parliament or not. In 2010 we had a hung Parliament, meaning that no party had a majority of seats, and the same is expected to happen in 2015. Your vote could be the difference between a hung parliament or one party leading the country.

Since voting rights were extended to every Briton over the age of 18, student unions have led the way in protest, influencing the political tide, and demonstrating on issues that they are passionate about. The issues we fought on in the 1960’s are not necessarily the same issues that we fight on now – but the need for the fight continues.

Whether education is your area of concern, or our international affairs – or even the price of that new coat (the actual price of that coat is 20% less – the rest is a tax!), politics affects your day to day life. Do you think tube fares are too expensive? Is the Government infringing on your freedom to do what you want? Are you getting paid less than what you deserve? Then stand up and say something about it!

Register to vote, and then go and actually vote on May 7th at your local polling station (we’ll give you the details for that nearer the time!) but if you don’t register you won’t be able to vote!

Even if you were registered last year, or your parents have registered YOU must register again!  What are you waiting for? Register to vote NOW at