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Win Wednesday: Rent Control 2018-19

This weeks Win Wednesday would like to celebrate the introduced rental agreements between the University of Brunel and its student body.


Our elected Officers were made aware of the pressing issue of rental contract loopholes amongst students in halls of residence, and that a rise in rental payments was actioned in between the contracts being signed and the beginning of the rental period. To ensure this instance does not occur again, our Officers lobbied for rental security for Brunel students from the academic year 2018-2019 onwards. 

With success, they were able to secure clarity that every student knows the exact financial commitment they will be expected to meet for the duration of their rental contracts. It is the first time in Brunel’s lifetime that this security has been in place, whereby students will not be liable for rental increases after signing their initial halls of residence agreement, and this is to be actioned across every halls of residence regardless of standard tier or who occupies it.

In addition to this, we are able to secure an inflation only increase on halls of residence rental costs, allowing the smallest possible financial implication on our students. This inflation is to be an average between both CPI (consumer price inflation) and RPI (retail price inflation) to ensure accuracy in applying the minimum rise.

To further support the needs of our students and address the University accommodation standards, the tier system has also been introduced in order to ensure fairness. The University are keeping a percentage of their lowest cost halls which have less amenities than some of the higher tier halls, so students of any financial situation can be catered for.

Where the University may renovate specific halls of residence, this increase in price from quality change will be the only above inflation rise. This will be well communicated in advance to anybody who may be effected, with more than enough time for them to analyse their options for alternative accommodation for the following academic year.

We invite students in halls of residence wishing to re-apply for housing for the academic year 2018-2019 to apply by Wednesday January 31st. If you are concerned about your contract or would like to discuss with an advisor, our Advice and Representation Centre is open for drop in sessions from 10am to 3pm on weekdays or you can email