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3 Ways the Annual Union Meeting Changed the Union



The Annual Union Meeting on Tuesday 24th May led to some significant changes in the way the democracy of the Union will work in the future.


College for College

Last academic year the Union restructured the Officer team through a referendum to include Vice President Colleges (CBASS, CEDPS, CHLS). These Student Officers were nominated from amongst the whole of the membership, and voted for by them to, this meant you could run for a the Vice President of a College you were not a student in. The AUM changed this, as policy was passed to restrict nominations for these posts to the specific College. This means that you can only run for the Vice President of the College you study in, the belief is that the role of Vice President of a particular college requires a certain amount of lived experience in that particular college and that that the best form of representation is one in which the individual has come from that community and therefore understands its intricacies.

As such; from next academic year you will only be able to run for the Vice President of the college you are studying in. All members will still be able to vote for all the Vice President posts as this is a legal requirement outlined in the Education Act.


Student Assembly changes

The role of Student Assembly is to generate debate and create policy that is reflect of the entire student body; these changes aim to ensure that a range of the student population is heard at these meetings. The changes passed at the Annual Union Meeting mean that a jury system will be put in place; 30 randomly selected students from across the colleges shall be invited to attend Student Assembly as voting members and shall be paid an honorarium fee for their participation. The Union believes that by producing different voting members for every meeting, there will be a greater dissemination of communication of Union activity.

As such, from next academic year student assembly will reduce its Community Members from 20 to 15 and introduce 30 jury members.


Part-time Officer changes

There is a general consensus among the full and part time officer team that our current union part time officers, committee and democratic structures do not meet the needs and expectations of our

broad and diverse membership. As a result, we have conducted an extensive research on what our membership needs are and what our comrades at other students’ unions have in place. The result of this research is a proposal to radically change the Part Time Officers. The policy changes the Part Time Officers by removing: Volunteering Chair, Halls Chair, Entertainments Chair, RAG Chair, Equality and Diversity chair and Environmental Chair. These post will be replaced with 4 new posts; Environment and Ethics Officer, RAG President, Community Campaigns Officer and Mature and Part Time Officer.

As such, the new Part Time Officer team will be made up of the following posts:

  • Societies Guild Chair
  • Sports Federation Chair
  • Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer
  • Women’s Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Disabled Students Officer
  • International Students Officer
  • Environment and Ethics Officer
  • Community Campaigns Officer
  • Mature and Part Time Officer
  • RAG President