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AGM Overview

On Thursday 8th February the Union held its AGM for 2018, which was attended by 113 of our members.
The key matters to be discussed were to be:
·    Who will be the campus Bee Coordinator?
·    What’s your opinion on the Counter Terrorism & Security Act?
·    Do you want a University run gym on campus?
·    Do you support Free Education?
The meeting had an agenda filled with important topics which the members were able to debate and contribute too at this meeting. The minutes will be available here next Thursday. For now here is brief summary of the meeting:
Amendments to the Constitution
The AGM approved the new proposed incorporated constitution, which was approved by Trustees and The University in May 2017.
Motion for the Environment and Ethics Officer to take up the position of Bee Coordinator, to support our NUS Student Eats Enterprise
The AGM voted for the Environment and Ethics Officer to be responsible for fulfilling the position of Bee Sub Coordinator going forwards, and this will now be part of the posts role.
Motion to Ban Companies from Campus
This motion is to ensure that any company that falls within the categories of smoking, drinking, gambling and pay-day loans do not advertise exclusively to students or create products to the same effect. This passed at AGM.
Motion to ensure that Officer Handovers are implemented
This motion covered what should be provided in Officer Handovers, and was approved at AGM.
Motion to oppose the Counter Terrorism & Security Act
Currently the Union opposes the PREVENT agenda and believes that non engagement with all aspects of the PREVENT programme including attending workshops, university PREVENT planning meetings or receiving funds for training will clearly demonstrate that the union does support or legitimise what we believe to be a fundamentally racist Government policy. This motion was due to lapse, and as such was sent to the AGM. The AGM voted for the Union to continue opposing the PREVENT agenda.
Motion to set up a University run gym on campus
AGM discussed a motion to lobby the University to not renew the contract of our current external gym contractor, More Energy, and to start working on creating a University run gym. This motion passed.
Motion to support Free Education
The Union members voted to support Free Education in the AGM. This means that the Union will oppose and campaign against all methods of charging students for education – including tuition fees and a graduate tax. In addition to this the Union will campaign for:
A liberated curriculum, the abolition of student debt, Open and public access to universities and colleges, and democratically-controlled institutions free from surveillance and harassment by police and immigration officials. The Union will also get involved in the national campaign to bring back EMA.
Medical Centre Campaign Hand over motion to Vice President of College of Health and Life Sciences
AGM passed this motion to ensure the Vice President of College of Health and Life Sciences carries on the campaign focused on student health and the on campus Medical Centre, making sure students are informed of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to using the services of the Medical Centre.
Motion of No Confidence in a Student Trustee
AGM passed the motion for the Trustee board to pass a motion of no confidence in the student trustees who have not maintained communication or have not attended full meetings, removing them from their current position.
Motion of No Confidence in RAG committee members
The RAG motion was amended in the AGM to call for those members that have failed to attend 3 meetings, without appropriate apologies being sent, will be deemed to have resigned. This motion was then passed.
Honorary Memberships where given to the following individuals as a thank you for the time and dedication they have given the Union and our members:
·    Ali Milani
·    Michael Darlow
·    Mark Harrison
·    Richard Walker
·    Pete Deppisch
Finally; the meeting also received reports from; the Trustee Board, Executive Committee, and Student Assembly. They also received the budgets, accounts and affiliations of the Union. These were all approved.