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My experience as an International Students Officer has been a starting milestone in my life. No one expected COVID to last this long. I had been planning new exciting events for freshers and returning students along with workshops in September for new students to feel homely. I knew exactly what international students had been feeling as I myself am an international student who came here far away from home.


I stayed back during the initial lockdown as I felt that I have a responsibility to help all international students feel safe. I got the lockdown experience and understood how devastated and helpless students felt during summer. I helped a few students who came to me asking for help to return back home. I informed them about the reparation flights that the government had introduced. Writing this makes me feel nostalgic.


However, just how students suffered during COVID I suffered too. My job as an international officer felt incomplete as I could not do many things that I planned to do. Just like how a student’s one-year education experience has been different. The same was with me. Planning events after keeping in mind the lockdown rules became difficult. There’s only little a person can do. Even though things did not work out. Yet I did get a chance to engage with all international students during Christmas by asking them to take part in room decoration competition. After years I decided to play my piano and play a Christmas song in my video where I invited all international students. I don’t think I would have got a chance to play again after all these years if it wasn’t to help international students engage.


This experience made me realize that there is always something you can do. It does not have to be big but little things matter too. However, it did not work out as many students reverted back saying they would not be able to take part as they will be going back during winter break. Even after all of this trouble, being a part of Brunel as an ISO has taught me a lot. Out of all these incidents stated above, I realized not everything in life is going to be easy, but all you can do is control things that you can and do your best in the worst circumstances. Any student can feel free to contact me no matter what day or time.


My job as an International Student Officer is not over yet. I have been there for students to help them whenever and I promise to continue doing so. Please feel free to contact me through email or Instagram.


International Students Officer

Aaron Sonny Kurian