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Academic Misconduct

University can be a real challenge but falling into the traps of academic misconduct is an added stress you do not need!

Cases of academic misconduct, this includes plagiarism, collusion, contact cheating, have been on the rise and the consequences can be severe. But exactly what academic misconduct is and how to avoid it can be confusing, especially if the education system you were in before didn’t have rules on it. So, we want to help. VP of CBASS, Archan Raval, is hosting 3 sessions this week on how to avoid plagiarism in your writing, support available and who to turn to if you are accused.


· Wednesday 24th, 1-2pm. LECT 005/09

· Thursday 25th, 1-2pm. LECT 106. Speaker: Advice Centre advisor

· Friday 26th, 3-4pm. LECT 106. Speaker: Richard Bond, head of academic skills.


Speakers from the advice centre and from the academic skills service will be joining us on Thursday and Friday respectively.


These workshops are open to all no matter what college you are a part of or what year you are in. Slides will be shared on the Union Website.