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Accomodation Rent Error

The accommodation centre has sent a number of emails to students requesting that they pay rent for Term Two - This may be an error.

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Dear Students, 


Over the last few days, the accommodation centre has sent a number of emails to students requesting that they pay rent for Term Two (January – March), whether the student has applied for the Rent Freeze or not.  


This was sent in error. We are now trying to clarify the situation for students who are feeling pressured to pay rent during a time where students have not been on campus. We have had reassurances from University Senior Staff who have said that students should not need to pay for Term 2 rent at this time. 


The only students who should pay at this stage, are those who still have outstanding Term 1 Rent (September 2020 – December 2020) or students who have been living in their halls during Term Two. You should contact the accommodation centre to discuss this and organise a payment plan if you are unable to pay. 


Students who have not been in their rooms and have been eligible for the rent freeze should not pay at this stage for Term 2. You will never need to pay for the period between January and April the 12th, also known as the rent-free period. 


If you have been asked to pay, you will be receiving an email on Monday the 29th of March, giving you further information regarding your agreement. 


If you do not receive that email on Monday the 29th of March and you believe you are eligible for the rent freeze, then we would recommend the following steps. 


  1. Email the Accommodation Centre with the title of the email being “RENT APPEAL” 

  1. This email should explain how you have already applied for the rent freeze, or that you were eligible for the rent freeze. 

  1. You should ask the University if your Rent Statement Invoice has been updated on E-Vision to reflect this. 

  1. It should contain an explanation that you have not been on campus (You have been in another country, you have been living with family, you have been on Placement). 

  1. You should ask for proof that you have been on campus and using your room. 


I’ve Already Paid for My Term Two Rent? 


If you have already paid for your rent, then you will get a refund when you agreement ends. If you are interested in the rent free period in June, then you may be refunded in July. If you end your contract earlier however, you will get your money back sooner. 


If this rent payment has also put you into a level of financial hardship, we’d recommend you contact the student centre who can help with a hardship grant. 


If you continue to receive messages that you do need to pay, then you can contact our independent ARC team at 




The Union of Brunel Students 


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