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Affected by University cutting your employment hours? Get in touch now

It has recently been announced that full time students working at the University will be limited to 15 hours per week. We are aware that this decision has come as a surprise to most students currently employed by Brunel, and that the decision to cap at 15 hours does not even reflect the current UKVI limits of 20 hrs per week for international students (cited as one of the reasons for the change).

We have received several expressions of concern from students- in particular focused on the lack of consultation or advance warning that this rule was to be implemented.

One of the hardest hit groups are Postgraduates- with many of them expecting to work across the summer, and planning their budgets accordingly. With Postgraduate Research (PGR) students not having fixed term times, this restriction is even more severe- Postgraduate taught (PGT) and Undergraduate (UG) at least have defined “holiday” periods where this restriction would not apply (or at least students could choose to work for longer elsewhere). Pauldy Otermans, current VP Postgraduate at the Union has been receiving most of the complaints, and believes it to be extremely unfair for PGR students to be restricted in the same way as UG. Pauldy explains “a lot of international postgraduate students are only doing jobs at the University since it is easier to find work where they studey rather than the much harder task of securing jobs off-campus- where international job experience can often count for little”. This situation clearly puts PG students at a disadvantage, and will require them to reconsider their financial planning- “there is little chance that an employer would hire international students only for the remaining five hours so these hours and pay might end up getting wasted every week”.

The Union believes that UG students could also be drastically affected, and we are keen to gather views and case studies from anyone who feels aggrieved at this move.


If you have been or will be affected by this change of student employment policy by the University, please provide your view using the form here


Once we have gathered opinions and views of students, the Union will raise the concerns with the University- so it is vital we are able to demonstrate the strength of this concern.

For further information, please contact



There will be a meeting with Pauldy and Ali to discuss your concerns in person LC109 Tuesday 26th April 3pm-5pm