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Autumn Election Results

The results!

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The results of the elections are now available. All vacant positions will be reopened in the next by-election, starting November 17th.

The following students where elected:




Chair of Student Assembly

Brendan Cogan


Student Assembly Vice-Chair

Habib Cham


Postgraduate Students' Chair

Aaron Lowman


Student Assembly Community Members

Nathan Antwi

Kwaku Adu Gyamfi

Nicholas Crust

Karina Jilid

Horlane Mbayo

Muadib Shakir Mohd Hatta

Gemma O'connor

Mohamed Ahmed

Jade Nelson

Grace Witherden

Hamza Bin Ahsan


Societies Guild Committee

Nam Abban

Habib Cham

Stephanie Maclean


Lenurb Committee Member

Edward Leggatt


Radio Brunel Committee Member

Ellis Davies


Radio Brunel Station Manager

Luke Vogel


RAG Media Officer

Gemma O'connor


RAG Secretary

Yasmin Simsek


Assembly Rep for College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences

Daniel Adeyemi


Senior Rep – LBIC

Radya Hussein


Assembly Rep for LBIC

Brian Rutendo Munyawarara


NUS Delegate

Mehvish Maghribi

Ali Milani

Muadib Mohd Hatta

Natasha Morrison


Black Students’ Campaign Conference Delegate – Summer

Ali Milani


Black Students' Campaign Conference Delegate – Winter

Ali Milani


Disabled Students' Campaign Conference Delegate

Habib Cham


The following positions will be reopened, as Re-Open Nominations won or there were no candidates:


1 Video Brunel Standing Committee Member

2 Student Assembly Representatives for the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences

2 Student Assembly Representatives for the College of Health and Life Sciences

1 Student Assembly Representative for the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences

9 Student Assembly Community members



Nominations open on the 17th November 2014 and close on the 28th November 2014

Voting will take place from the 3rd December 2014 until the 5th December 2014


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