Brunel Bikes Update

Message From the Brunel Bikes Team

During the application process for the Santander University Cycle Challenge, we spent a lot of time speaking to land owners and Hillingdon council about the scheme.  However, now the time has come to actually drill into concrete - especially onto a busy high street that's gearing up a makeover - there are additional considerations. The Santander Cycle Scheme is a new initiative for the Borough and in order to ensure that it runs smoothly, we've been asked to apply for planning permission. This will make our scheme a permanent feature in Uxbridge but it does mean the launch will be delayed until at least September 2018. It's a set back but we've got to keep pedallling on. However you can get a sneak peek at our website - the information on it will be changing over the coming months but that will be where you go to redeem your voucher or sign up for membership when we launch. 


If you bought a membership, this will start once the scheme is up and running – and you will get an extra month free to say thank you for your patience - 18 months in total. Your membership will always be valid at other nextbike schemes

If you bought a six month membership and are leaving Brunel, your membership will be valid at other nextbike schemes and will be released when we launch. We can only apologise that you couldn't use it while on campus and we can't forget that your support helped us win. We will be contacting you separately with the offer of a Brunel Bikes mug or the opportunity to donate your membership to the Adopt a Student fund and we can make sure it’s given to a student in need. 

All other rewards, such as t shirts and mugs, can be collected form the Student Union Reception from 10am - 4pm. If you have any issue with your rewards or any other questions, please drop me an email at: