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Brunel University London to invest £150m into the campus

Brunel University London has announced planned investment of £150m over the next five years into the campus

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Brunel University London has announced a planned investment of £150m over the next five years into the campus, bringing the total investment to £550 million over 15 years.  The £150 millIon will be spent on:

  • A new Sports and well-being centre
  • A new learning and teaching centre
  • A new engineering complex

The announcement comes after the meeting of Council, Brunel University London's supreme governing body. The meeting was attended by Union President, Martin Zaranyika, and Vice-President Academic Representation, Marcus Stein. At the meeting, presentations on the financing of the estate, the educational provision, and the estates strategy were given by the Vice-Chancellor, and other senior university officials. Council members were then asked to discuss how the university could move forward using the information that had been provided. In those discussions, Martin and Marcus presented a strong case for a new sports centre, and the announcement today represents a commanding public commitment to fulfilling a desire expressed by the student body at the Annual Union Meeting in 2013.

Vice Chancellor Professor Julia Buckingham explained the plans, “Brunel University London has begun a process of transformation which has already brought successes in student satisfaction and international reputation. This new investment will help us to ensure that, as London’s only single campus university, our facilities continue to keep pace with our achievements’.

Union President Martin Zaranyika said of the announcement, "I am extremely pleased that the university have now made a public commitment to transforming the way in which our diverse campus looks. The recent announcement fulfils an instruction from the student body to lobby for a new sports centre and answers the call to modernise our educational provisions. I am really looking forward to making sure the opinions and needs of students are met within the design and build processes during and beyond the end of my term of office."

To find out more about the planned investment, please contact Union President, Martin Zaranyika, on


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