Circuit Laundry on Campus

The cost of laundry services on campus has been rising drastically over the past few years. With the cost of living on campus already considerably high, laundry charges pose as an additional financial burden to students already struggling to cope. The laundry charges are expensive and don't take in to account the bugdets that students have to stick to whilst at university. The laundry machines provided are old, broken and rarely serviced or cleaned, and provide another source of daily stress for students living on campus.

At our Annual General Meeting which took place on Tuesday 12th February 2018, the students mandated the Union to Lobby on the following options to improve:

  • Option 1: We can lobby the university to disallow any further contract extension with Circuit Laundry
  • Option 2: We can lobby the university to change the system of paying for your laundry - We have proposed that students living in University owned halls of residence on campus should be given “20 free laundry credits”, valid for 1 year.
  • Option 3: We can actively boycott Circuit laundry on campus and promote external services in the surrounding areas

To enable us to be able to most effectively act upon our mandate, we want to hear your experiences of Circuit Laundry whilst living on campus in Brunel's halls of residence. If you want to be part of the movement to improve the laundry services on campus, please fill in our short survey. We're here for you, the students, so let's make positive change together.