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Club and Society Election Results - January-February 2018

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The names below represent the new committees for the Sports Clubs and Societies at the Union of Brunel Students for 2017/18, with the exception of Christian Union, whereby the names represent the new committee for 2018/2019.

To find your election more easily, just hit Ctrl+F and search for your group or position. If your Club or Society doesn't appear here - There were no candidates or no votes in your elections.

Those elected here will be in post until the end of the Academic Year 2017/18 (with the exception of Christian Union, whereby the post holders will be in position 2018/2019).

If you have any questions - Please contact Student Activities for more information

January - February 2018 Results

Post Title Elected Candidate
Christian Union - Chair (2018/2019) Tiffany Cheung
Christian Union - Evangelism Officer (2018/2019) MR STEPHEN OWEN
Christian Union - Prayer and Fellowship Coordinator (2018/2019) James Blaxhall
Christian Union - Secretary (2018/2019) MISS HOI LAM LEUNG
Christian Union - Treasurer (2018/2019) MR KIERAN BETTS
Christian Union - Vice Chair (2018/2019) MISS KARA WONG
Christian Union - Web Officer (2018/2019)  
Poker - Chair (2017/2018)  
Poker - Vice Chair (2017/2018) MR DYLAIN CASSEERAM
Rowing - Badger (Event Manager) (2017/2018) MR ARRON HEYWOOD
Rowing - Media Secretary (2017/2018) Rachel Brockbank
Rowing - RAG Officer (2017/2018) Luke Glynn
Rowing - Vice Chair (2017/2018)  


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