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Club and Society Election Results - November, 2017

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The names below represent the new committees for the Sports Clubs and Societies at the Union of Brunel Students for 2017/18

To find your election more easily, just hit Ctrl+F and search for your group or position. If your Club or Society doesn't appear here - There were no candidates or no votes in your elections.

Those elected here will be in post until the end of the Academic Year 2017/18.

If you have any questions - Please contact Student Activities for more information

November Results

Post Title Elected Candidate
Cycling & Triathlon - Chair MR JACOB MCADAM
Catholic - Chair MR DAVID GUEST
Handball - Men's 1st Team Captain MR JAHANZEB KHAN
Dance - Pole Rep Raph Goyeau
Handball - Secretary MR DIRAN BAJWA
Civil Engineering - Secretary MR GURPREET SINGH
Drama - Social Secretary MR BASHIR MUTTAWA
Handball - Treasurer MR KISHON JEGATHASAN
Handball - Vice Chair MISS KARA HUNTE
Handball - Web Officer MR JAHANZEB KHAN
Roc Soc - Web Officer MR BERNARD TAYLOR

 October Results

Post title Elected candidate
Rowing - Badger (Event Manager)  
Dance - Ballet and Pointe Rep  
Dance - Belly Dance Rep  
Physiotherapy - Chair  
Sikh - Chair PAVAN KHERA
Skydiving - Chair MR KESHAB RANA
Poker - Chair  
Mixed Martial Arts - Chair Kevin Alejandro Barragan Mullo
ElectroniCo - Chair RYAN POINTING
Bible Study - Chair  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Chair Kevin Alejandro Barragan Mullo
Bhangra - Chair MR DAUD YASHAYA
Karate - Chair  
Civil Engineering - CivSoc Representative MISS SANDRA AMPONG
Skydiving - Club Captain MR BIPIN SHARMA
Golf - Club Captain  
Karate - Club Captain  
Debate - Communications Officer  
Karate - Competition Officer  
Judo - Competitions Coordinator  
Dance - Contemporary Rep  
Gaming - Equipment & Web Officer  
SCUBA Diving - Equipment Officer  
American Football - Equitment Manager  
Bangladeshi - Event Manager MR ABDUL HALIM
Sailing - Event Manager (Badger)  
Krishna Conciousness - Events and Venue Assistant  
Karate - Events Manager  
Entrepreneurs - Events Officer  
Asian Cultural - Events Officer  
Hellenic and Cypriot - Events Organiser  
Hindu - Female Sports Officer  
Karate - Grading & YKKF Officer  
Calisthenics - Graphic Design Officer  
Intersectional Feminist - Inclusion Officer  
EQ8 - Industrial Liaison Officer MR SIEF AL HAKAK
Catholic - Inter-faith officer  
Football - Intra-Mural Rep  
Athletics - Jumps and Throws Festival Coordinator  
Athletics - Kit Rep  
EQ8 - Level 1 Rep  
ElectroniCo - Level Four Rep  
ElectroniCo - Level One Rep  
ElectroniCo - Level Two Rep  
Swimming - Men's Captain  
Musical Theatre - Musical Director  
Volleyball - Men's Team Captain  
Dance - Pole Rep  
Ahlulbayt - PR Officer  
Film Choir and Orchestra - Publicity Officer  
Tae-Kwon Do - RAG  
Calisthenics - RAG Executive  
Basketball - RAG Officer  
Fencing - RAG Officer  
Kung Fu - RAG Officer  
History - RAG Officer  
Intersectional Feminist - RAG Officer  
Dance - RAG Representative  
Dance - Salsa Rep  
Women in STEM and Design - School Liaison Officer MISS GEORGINA WILSON-COUSINS
Nepalese - Secretary MISS BHAWANA PAIJA
Mixed Martial Arts - Secretary  
Poker - Secretary  
Physical Theatre - Secretary  
Photography - Secretary  
Rounders - Secretary MR CALVIN DHALIWAL
Kung Fu - Secretary  
E-Sports - Secretary  
Intersectional Feminist - Secretary  
Investment and Trading - Secretary  
Golf - Secretary  
Cult Film - Secretary  
Civil Engineering - Secretary MR ABDUL HALIM
Football - Secretary  
Fencing - Secretary  
Entrepreneurs - Secretary  
Asian Cultural - Secretary  
Bangladeshi - Secretary  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Secretary  
Catholic - Chair  
Christian Union - Treasurer MR STEPHEN OWEN
Christian Union - Web Officer  
Civil Engineering - Industrial Liason MISS GEORGINA WILSON-COUSINS
Civil Engineering - Media Secretary  
Civil Engineering - Vice Chair MISS ALYAA HASSONA
Dance - Show Manager  
Football - Media Officer  
Intersectional Feminist - Chair MISS PERIHAN ELSAYED IBRAHIM
Kayak - Chair  
Labour - Disability Officer  
Labour - LGBT+ Officer  
Nepalese - Chair MR POSON GURUNG
Sikh - Events Officer MISS BAVNEET KUNDAN
Sikh - Web Officer  
Swimming - Treasurer  
Tamil - Events Coordinator NISAANTH MANEGAVASAR
Tamil - Sports Coordinator PERASHAAN ELANGO
Tamil - Treasurer MR ANOTH BASKARAN
Tamil - Web Officer  
Tennis - Club Captain  
Tennis - Vice Chair  
Bible Study - Secretary  
Bhangra - Secretary  
The Rock Foundation - Secretary  
Tae-Kwon Do - Secretary  
Skydiving - Secretary MR BIPIN SHARMA
Sikh - Secretary MISS ILWEEN BAZAZ
Ghanaian - Secretary  
Mathematics - Secretary  
DJ and Music Production - Secretary  
Vietnamese - Secretary  
Physiotherapy - Secretary  
Japanese Culture - Secretary  
Record Club - Secretary  
Film Production - Secretary  
Unicef on Campus - Secretary  
Mental Health - Secretary  
Friends of Palestine - Secretary  
Musical Theatre - Secretary  
Singapore - Secretary  
Hockey - Secretary  
Karate - Secretary  
Hindu - SEWA Assistant  
Nigerian - Social Events Officer  
ElectroniCo - Social Media Manager  
Civil Engineering - Social Secretary Michael Snedden
Kayak - Social Secretary  
Kung Fu - Social Secretary  
Krishna Conciousness - Social Secretary  
Handball - Social Secretary  
History - Social Secretary  
Rowing - Social Secretary  
Rugby League - Social Secretary  
Rounders - Social Secretary MISS ABBY MARTIN
Physical Theatre - Social Secretary  
Mixed Martial Arts - Social Secretary MR IVAN FEDOSEEV
Women in STEM and Design - Social Secretary Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Rounders - Treasurer MISS LILY-MAY CHAPMAN
Mathematics - Treasurer  
Nepalese - Treasurer MISS CHRISTINA RAI
E-Sports - Treasurer  
Kung Fu - Treasurer  
Judo - Treasurer  
Kairos - Treasurer  
Gaming - Treasurer  
Golf - Treasurer  
Asian Cultural - Treasurer  
Archery - Treasurer  
Chinese Christian Fellowship - Treasurer  
Bhangra - Treasurer RASHPAL RUPRA
Basketball - Treasurer  
Bangladeshi - Treasurer  
Bible Study - Treasurer  
Boxing - Treasurer  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Treasurer MR ALEJANDRO PARDO CAMACHO
ElectroniCo - Treasurer  
Entrepreneurs - Treasurer  
Civil Engineering - Treasurer MISS SABRINAH KHODABACCUS
Nigerian - Treasurer  
Record Club - Treasurer  
Japanese Culture - Treasurer  
Physiotherapy - Treasurer  
Mental Health - Treasurer  
Unicef on Campus - Treasurer  
Pool - Treasurer  
Film Production - Treasurer  
Ghanaian - Treasurer  
DJ and Music Production - Treasurer  
Somali - Treasurer  
Tae-Kwon Do - Treasurer  
Squash - Treasurer  
Skydiving - Treasurer  
Sikh - Treasurer RASHPAL RUPRA
Karate - Treasurer  
SCUBA Diving - Trip Secretary  
Target Shooting - Vice Chair  
Women in STEM and Design - Vice Chair MISS ALYAA HASSONA
Sikh - Vice Chair  
Gaming - Vice Chair  
Nepalese - Vice Chair MISS NISHMA GURUNG
Athletics - Vice Chair  
Kung Fu - Vice-Chair  
Boxing - Vice-Chair  
Karate - Vice-Chair  
Marrow - Volunteer Coordinator  
Marrow - Web Officer  
Mixed Martial Arts - Web Officer MISS PALLVI AMARNANI CHAWLA
Nepalese - Web Officer MISS JASIKA GURUNG
Rugby Union - Web Officer  
Rugby League - Web Officer  
Poker - Web Officer  
Photography - Web Officer  
Roc Soc - Web Officer  
Rounders - Web Officer  
Investment and Trading - Web Officer  
Handball - Web Officer  
History - Web Officer  
Golf - Web Officer  
Jiu Jitsu - Web Officer  
Kairos - Web Officer  
Judo - Web Officer  
Kung Fu - Web Officer  
Krishna Conciousness - Web Officer  
Asian Cultural - Web Officer  
Archery - Web Officer  
Bangladeshi - Web Officer  
Boxing - Web Officer  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Web Officer  
Bio Medical - Web Officer  
Bible Study - Web Officer  
Calisthenics - Web Officer  
Circus - Web Officer  
Conservative - Web Officer  
Friends of Palestine - Web Officer  
Fencing - Web Officer  
Engineers without borders - Web Officer  
Tennis - Web Officer  
Target Shooting - Web Officer  
Cycling & Triathlon - Web Officer  
Tae-Kwon Do - Web Officer  
Sri Lankan - Web Officer  
Skydiving - Web Officer  
Ghanaian - Web Officer  
DJ and Music Production - Web Officer  
Nigerian - Web Officer  
Zombie - Web Officer  
Hellenic and Cypriot - Web Officer  
Karate - Web Officer  
Baking - Website Manager  
Squash - Women's Captain  
Rugby Union - Women's Captain  


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