Former Officer Wins Prestigious Award

Here at the Union, we’re always proud to see former officers use the skills that they learnt and developed whilst working within our organisation to go on to bigger and better things. Last week, former Vice President for Student Activities, Dev Aditya was nominated and awarded the “Bengal’s Pride Award” which celebrates the work of people from the Bengal region for his previous work on the Santander Bike Scheme at Brunel and his current charitable project to upskill an entire generation of students to qualify for higher-skilled jobs in the sub-continent in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


The ceremony took place in the House of Commons and was presented by CEO & Chairman of Toyota Jem Car International, MP Sir David Amess. The Panel who decided the award is made up of members of the House of Lords and industry experts. The vision of the project includes targeting 14,000 schools to train students in the soft skills including communication, organisation and planning. Dev will be leaving to complete his first stage of the project on the 18th of July, to travel to India and Nepal along with other members of the initiative. Dev has already met ministers regarding his project and will be meeting with the secretary of Education for West Bengal, Partha Chatterjee, during this tour to encourage government funding for the project.


During his acceptance speech, Dev thanked Brunel University and hoped that receiving the award would inspire other young activists and entrepreneurs, both here and in South Asia, to start projects that help change the world on a range of social issues. He finished by wishing success to all the young graduates coming out of Brunel University this year and prompting them to “not shy away from their dream projects and chase after what they think is worth creating for the betterment of the world”.


We’re very proud of the work of Dev and wish him all the luck in the future.