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Ginuary is HERE!

Looking to try some exotic gins in 2020?

This January, we've got some incredible Gin drinks for you to try here at Loco's Bar. Starting of, we have Arber which was created in memory of Agnes Arber who was the first woman botanist to be elected as a fellow of the Royal Society in 1946 and the third woman overall - her contribution to science was honoured with this drink.


We also have Aviation, a Juniper Neutral affair which is owned and pioneered by Canadian Actor, Ryan Reynolds who you might know from such films as Deadpool, Detective Pikachu and The Green Lantern.


Next, we have some known classics - Beefeater, Gordon's and Bombay are all refined London Dry Gin's which have their history in the 18th and 19th century when a level of class and elegance was born into what we now know as the modern Gin and Tonic. Juniper berry flavoured, with no other botanicals added after the distillation process. 


And finally, our final three - Hendricks and Tanqueray are produced in Scotland are the premium drinks of the modern era. Every bottle of Hendricks is made in batches of 500 litres to ensure quality remains high in every bottle since it was invented in 1999 by master distiller, Lesley Gracie.


And finally, Plymouth - starting it's journey in 1793, this Gin has it's history firmly rooted in the British Navy with it's balanced blend of seven hand-selected botanicals including Coriander, Orange, Lemon, Angelica & Orris Root, Cardomom and you guessed it - Juniper.


Arber £3

Arber Rhubarb £3

Aviation £3

Beefeater 24 £3

Bombay £2.70

Gordon’s £2.40

Gordon’s Pink £2.50

Hendrick’s £2.70

Plymouth £2.70

Tanqueray £2.70

Tanqueray 10 £3.50