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Green Gym opens at Brunel

The Union is committed to reducing our carbon impact and a healthy lifestyle. Once the Green Gym opens this week, we’ll be working towards these!

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Vice Presidents Leon and Hannah at the Green Gym Vice Presidents Leon and Hannah at the Green Gym

The Union and Brunel University are committed towards reducing our carbon impact on the planet, as well as ensuring our students live a healthy lifestyle and look after their wellbeing. This week, when the Green Gym on the Crank Gardens officially opened, we’ll be working towards both those goals!

The Green Gym, which is open now, is a joint Union and University initiative where members of the Brunel Community can make use of a free and accessible exercise point, even if you just need to charge your phone.

The Green Gym boasts a range of equipment including a cross trainer, treadmill, and a team rower. Most of the kit is fitted with USB plugs, so you can charge your devices while you work out, and see the wattage you need to be generating from your workout to get your phone charged for a #GreenGymWorkOut selfie.

Hannah Jones, Vice President Student Activities, enjoyed a workout earlier with Vice President Community & Welfare Leon. Hannah is pleased about the Green Gym, as it will make it easier and cheaper for students to stay healthy on campus: “It’s really encouraging to see both the University and Union behind such an important project. With the incredible accessibility of the Green Gym, hopefully we’ll see students taking advantage of the free equipment, even taking 20 minutes of exercise to charge their phone”.

The Union of Brunel Students is committed to its impact on the planet. We secured a Silver Award in the NUS Green Impact Awards. You can find out more information about Green Impact on our Environment pages.

The Green Gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is completely free to use. You can find the Green Gym on the Crank Gardens.


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