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Help us tackle sexual harassment on campus.


Have you ever been made to feel uncomfortable by someone based on your gender or sexuality?

Ever witnessed someone acting sexually towards someone in an unwelcome or disturbing way?

Have you ever changed your behaviour or plans based on concerns around safety or risk of harassment or unwelcome attention?

Ever felt the need to report or challenge sexualised behaviour or language?


According to an NUS national survey 68% of women students had been victim of one or more kinds of sexual harassment on campus. 37% of women students who responded to their survey stated they had experienced unwelcomed sexual advances. In an independent survey conducted by the Daily Telegraph, 97% of the students who had experienced a sexual assault on campus did not report it to their University.

The Union this year aims to challenge any culture of acceptability or normality around sexual abuse and harassment, and we want to start by finding out what goes on here, at Brunel. We are building a series of campaigns and actions aimed at challenging inappropriate and intimidating behaviours, educating people on safety and respect, and improving the feeling of safety and awareness on campus and beyond.

Our first stage is to ask you what IS your experience here at Brunel, or more broadly in your life as a student? From verbal abuse to bullying to serious sexual assault- we want to hear about your experiences personally or observed and crucially also if you have not witnessed or experienced these things.

As a result we’ve developed a fully anonymised 5-10 minute survey  to hear your views and experiences. The survey also asks about your understanding of Union and University policy and procedures- what would you do IF you had experienced any of these things? We are collecting demographic details to establish trends and groups who are most vulnerable – but you have the option to not answer any of the questions on the survey- so fill in what you feel comfortable answering, scroll to the end and press submit.

Your responses will provide evidence of any issues and as a result drive change, any trends identified will let us prioritise actions and improvements, any suggestions will be considered in our plans.

So please, take 10 minutes out, fill in the survey, encourage your friends and class mates to do the same, and help us make the campus a safer place for all.



If you would like to raise any issues with the Students’ Union regarding harassment or safety on campus, please contact  ALL enquiries or contact will be treated with the utmost confidentiality (as per our policy)


If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this survey, please contact one of the support services below.


Brunel Counselling
01895 265070
Medical Centre, in Zone F

Advice and Representation Centre (ARC)
01895 269169
The ARC may be able to signpost you to the appropriate service for your query.

West London Rape Crisis Centre - women and girls only
0808 801 0770 

National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Domestic Abuse Helpline
0300 999 5428 or 0800 999 5428

Survivors UK (London & National) – men only

Ashiana Network - black and minority ethnic women and girls (14+)