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In Defence of International Students

Home Secretary, Theresa May Home Secretary, Theresa May

The last week has seen the government launch a scathing attack on our international students.

These ideological attacks on international students' rights include, but are not limited to; the scrapping of the post-study work visa; charging for the NHS; introduction of biometric identity cards; landlord checks and now scrapping the right to work for FE students.

Among other provisions, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, and the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Sajid Javid, have also proposed that international students must first leave the country before they can apply for work visas.

We cannot go on treating international students this way and expect the UK to remain a desirable destination for prospective students, considering the many more welcoming and supportive alternative options.

A recent comprehensive NUS survey shows 50.7% of non-EU students surveyed believe that the Government is either ‘not welcoming’ or ‘not all welcoming’ towards international students. 19.4 per cent of non-EU students would not recommend the UK as a place to study for a friend or relative. This is higher for students from India (34.5%), Nigeria (36.8%), Pakistan (38.5%), PhD students (23.5%) and those with dependents (32.1%). These are alarming statistics which will only continue to rise given the continued attacks on international students.

The Union will be working with the University to minimise the impact on our International Students and the NUS and other pro migrant organisations to vocalise our displeasure and fight these new measures.

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Ali Milani - President
Radya Jemal – International Students Officer
Aaron Lowman – Vice President CHLS
Marcus Stein – Vice President CEDPS
Michael Darlow – Vice President Student Activities
Yousef Mohamed – Vice President CBASS