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International Students Officer Resigns

Anvitha "Vinny" Parachuri has resigned from her role at the Union

Over the weekend, Anvitha "Vinny" Parachuri resigned from her position as International Students Officer. Anvitha was elected in Spring 2019 to the position whilst completing her studies, following on from a year in the role as Vice President for the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences. Whilst in her role at the Union, she worked with others on the One Brunel Campaign including the Fashion Show, March & Carnival which sought to bring students at Brunel together.


Anvitha apologies that due to personal reasons she has not been able to fulfil her role as International Students Officer. She hopes to remain involved with the One Brunel fashion show, along with wrapping up a few projects she has been working on with the PDC and Brunel Volunteers. Anvitha also conveyed her thanks to those she has worked with over the past 2 years... 

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the Union for the past 2 years. I have learnt a lot and  gained a lot of experience, as well as made some memorable memories with some amazing co-workers in the union, which will definitely be cherished.”


We wish Anvitha all the best in the future, including the rest of her studies here at Brunel University.