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Join the #colourdash

Brunel University is set to host an exciting new charity event on Friday 31 October 2014 and is inviting students and the local community to get involved.

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Brunel University is set to host an exciting new charity event on Friday 31 October 2014, the #ColourDash! We're inviting all students and the local community to get involved.

The 5km #ColourDash is a funfilled walk (or run) around campus. You come to the event wearing white, and you get pelted with a different colour at each of four colour stations enroute. Looking like a rainbow, you join the party atmosphere at the finish line with music and refreshments waiting for you!

#ColourDash is in aid of Michael Sobell Hospice – a local charity providing end of life care for local people and their families and carers.  Runners are asked to raise £50 sponsorship and there will be a special prize to pick up on the day for those raising £100 or more. 

Register at now. Special Freshers’ Week £10 early bird registration for Brunel students, which includes white t-shirt, sunglasses and bag of colour for the mass colour throw.  Hope to see you there!’

The #ColourDash event will be held at Brunel University campus on Friday 31st October. Go to the Michael Sobell Hospice website to register for the run. 


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