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Liberated Library

The library is a universal place of learning, so shouldn’t it cover a universal range of books, authors and genres?

Brunel University and the Union of Brunel Students have undertaken and funded a liberated library campaign as part of #LiberateMyDegree to diversify our library and offer new books by authors from the global south, people of colour, female, LGBT+, and disabled authors. This will enhance the student experience when accessing the library, whilst also liberating student’s education away from standard white male and Eurocentric reading lists. It will enable students to look at different perspectives of life, and use this knowledge in their education to help them obtain a good degree.

What’s great is that the new books will be chosen by you the students! From 6th February you will be able to suggest books that you are interested in reading; academically or recreationally. We will be launching the campaign by celebrating authors in the library every day during that week 11am-2pm. Here is the timetable for the week:

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