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More ways to recycle your disposable cups and batteries

Recycle more today!

Further expanding the University's recycling opportunities, 11 disposable cup recycling points have been introduced across campus. You will see these in the main receptions of most academic buildings, giving you the opportunity to recycle your disposable coffee cups when walking to or from your office or classroom.

Disposable coffee cups cannot be placed in 'Mixed Recycling' bins because the cardboard used is covered with a thin layer of plastic, which is needed in order for the cup to contain your beverage, unfortunately it also prevents the card from being broken down into pulp and mixed with other recyclable paper. This is why the University has created a separate waste stream for disposable cups. Our cups are collected from campus and recycled into other products, such as re-usable mugs, stationary and even garden furniture! 


Alongside the cup recycling bins, you will find a pink battery recycling box. Feel free to bring your batteries in from home. Batteries contain harmful chemicals that damage our environment, by placing them in a battery recycling bin you will be diverting them from landfill. 


Please help us divert as much waste from landfill by taking advantage of our new recycling stations.