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Check out this article, written by Sajni - President of the Environmental Science Society

Single-use plastic that is not incinerated or recycled will usually end up in a landfill. Landfill plastic is one of the biggest contributors to plastic found in the ocean, ultimately harming marine life. A study by Ocean Crusaders has shown that shoppers worldwide are using approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year, this translates to about a million bags every minute across the globe. It is vital to try and find ways to reduce Brunel’s carbon footprint by adopting some simple habits that will make the biggest of the difference! 


Brunel’s’ Costcutter is the First in the UK to remove the 5p plastic bag, replacing it with a cornstarch bag which decomposes in 6 months, as part of the Green Carrier Scheme! Costcutters around the UK will introduce this scheme from January 2020. As an institution, we are working to become carbon neutral by 2030 and this is one of the many steps in the right direction to achieve this! During the launch event, we had the director of Costcutter UK along with the Assistant Director of Commercial Services at Brunel and Ranjeet Rathore, the Students Union President of Brunel.


Brunel is actively spreading awareness amongst the community, regarding the harmful use of plastic, creating custodians for the future!


Article Written by:  

Sajni Vekaria 

President of the Environmental Science Society