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NUS 2013 Zone Conference and Elections News

Fantastic news for Brunel students!

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Following this year’s NUS Zone Conferences we are very proud to announce that BOTH Martin and Cam have been elected to sit on the 2013/14 Society and Citizenship and Union Development Zone committees respectively.

Cam says of his election “I am extremely pleased to be elected on to UD Zone, it means that I can push for equality and inclusiveness within sport, push the importance of extracurricular activity within Unions across the country and really contribute to major changes within the National Union of Students.

It’s also great to see Martin getting elected on to a different committee, it really emphasises the impact the union of Brunel students is having, people are no longer asking “where’s Brunel” and starting to tell us why they know Brunel and its because of the work we are doing across the board and the recognition we are getting for that.”

And from Martin - ‘I was shocked and very pleased when I received the news. This opportunity gives the Union of Brunel Students a platform to represent students on a national level. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to working with my fellow committee members.’

About the conference

Each year NUS hold a series of conferences that give NUS Committees the opportunity to discuss and act upon issues that are affecting you. This year the conferences ran 27 October-01 November and were held at The Place Hotel, Manchester.

Committee Breakdown

Inside the NUS the committees are broken down into five different ‘Zones’ each representing the five main broad areas of issues affecting students. Two key themes from each policy zone are decided upon for discussion during the conference. These themes are then taken forward by the elected Committee VP and members to be presented at National Conference in 2014.

The Zones are as follows:

Welfare Zone

Society And Citizenship Zone

Further Education Zone

Union Development Zone

Higher Education Zone

The role of each Zone is to lead a portfolio of work, enable in-depth and wide ranging research and discussion on issues important to students, and deliver campaigns and work programmes relevant to that area.

Each Zone is led by a Vice President elected at the NUS National Conference and a committee elected at the Zone Conference held in late October.

These conferences feature a mixture of educational sessions, panel debates and workshops and are an ideal opportunity to network, learn from experts and feed into the work of that Zone. The conferences are open to staff and officers.


For further news and information about this year’s NUS Zone Conferences, and to catch up on keynote speeches and the issues discussed, please visit the NUS Connect site here


For the full list 2013/14 elected committee members please click here


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