New Gym on Campus!

We are delighted with the news that the University gym is coming home and will be run in house from now onwards. Previously it has been run by an external provider and we believe that this has led to higher student prices and a lack of low commitment options, compared to other local providers, resulting in low uptake and a poor experience for Brunel students.


The Brunel Gym will now provide students with an accessible, affordable and high quality offer on campus, with a low commitment direct debit option that will allow cancellation after a minimum 30 day term; ensuring our students aren’t tied in to an annual contract should their circumstances change. There will also be an annual off peak student membership available which works out at £12.50 per month.


We are excited for the release of an extensive class timetable, and are looking forward to working with Brunel Sport to explore ways that we can work together to utilise the new gym to enhance the Team Brunel and Active@Brunel programmes next year.


***Make sure you check out the Student Premium Membership for £26.99 per month which gets you access to the gym, classes, spa as well as including your Union Sport Membership so you can access all Team Brunel club activity and Active@Brunel activity at no extra cost!***


When asked about the gym coming in house, Vice President of Student Activities George Wardle said "Here at the Union, we’ve been fighting for years to ensure that our members have the opportunity to join a gym on campus which is cheap, convenient and student friendly. I am therefore delighted that Brunel Sport have now assumed responsibility of the on-campus gym, making our campaigning all the worthwhile! The gym coming in-house adds to the already excellent sport and fitness offering we have here at Brunel, which aims at supporting our students and their mental health and wellbeing during their studies.”


Check out memberships at the gym here!