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Officer Elections RESULTS!

We had an incredible (and may we say, record breaking) 3453 students vote in our Spring Officer Elections 2018, through March 7th-8th. 

We are proud to celebrate our phenomenal new Officer team, who will take their roles from June 2018 to June 2019 and lead your Student Union. 



President: Ranjeet Rathore

VIce President College of Business, Art and Social Sciences: Anvitha Paruchuri

Vice President College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences: Peri Sherif

VIce President College of Health and Life Sciences: Maria Valada

VIce President Student Activities: George Wardle

VIce President Postgraduate Students: Radya Hussien


Community Campaigns Officer: Sohaib Arshad

International Students Officer: Om Sai Jaman Jyothi

Environment and Ethics Officer: Anastasia Walters

Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer: Francine Wright

Disabled Students Officer: Sean Cullen

LGBT+ Officer: Finn Grice

Women’s Officer: Aayushi Kolhatkar

Chair of Student Assembly: Sahil Hamid

Assembly Rep for LBIC: Vaibhav Agarwal