One Brunel March

Have you Heard the noise or seen a huge crowd of students march On September 26? Well, that was the launch of our One Brunel Campaign through One Brunel March. It is our campaign to promote a unity of all cultures by bringing students from all backgrounds together, to help you feel at home whilst celebrating the rich diversity here at Brunel.

We kicked off with all our different culture and faith-based societies marching from Kingston Lane to the Isambard Complex with music, dance, country flags and the One Brunel banner. This was a display of the wide variety of cultures and nationalities that come together at Brunel.

If you missed the march then don’t worry, Throughout the year we’re going to be hosting some amazing events such as a Culture Fashion Show and a Culture Carnival, as well as our events like Diwali, EID, the Christmas Markets, Chinese New Year and One World Week, along with nightlife such as our Bollywood Carnival.

Come join us, and be a part of building a community here at Brunel.

For more information visit the BrunelStudents Website and our campaign pages to stay up to date with all the upcoming events of our social media channels.