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Our LGBT+ History Month Roundup is here!

Today we're looking back on LGBT+ History Month here at Brunel, thanks to our LGBT+ Officer Finn!

Back in February we hosted LGBT History Month, supported by our LGBT+ Officer Finn, and the LGBT society. We ran the campaign in order to increase the visibility of LGBT+ students on campus, and to make Brunel feel like a more inclusive space. As well as celebrating the LGBT+ students on campus, we spent the month focusing on education of LGBT+ history, and the steps we can take as part of the Brunel community to improve the inclusion and wellbeing of LGBT+ identifying students at Brunel. 


The campaign increased the visibility of LGBT+ students on campus by holding a pride parade, which was attended by around 50 people, who marched through campus with flags and music. This was the first ever Pride parade on campus, pioneered by LGBT+ Officer Finn. As the Union of Brunel Students we are aiming to make this an annual event, showcasing the LGBT+ community on campus. We also held a candle lit vigil to remember victims of transphobic violence. These events made the LGBT 


We even helped educate staff and students about LGBT+ issues by hosting a speaker and panel event, which tackled the issues LGBT students often face in higher education. The memorial service also educated staff and students about transphobia and violence related to gender identity. The wellbeing of LGBT students was discussed in the speaker and panel event, and through art performances at Arts @ Artaud and Brunel Pride, showcasing the LGBT+ community on campus. Throughout the month we have been promoting the work of our charity, Spectra, who provide sexual health services and emotional support to the local LGBT community. We have also been supporting the work of the Student Equality and Diversity manager in implementing the new transgender student policy.


Overall it was a super successful campaign, with over 500 students engaging in our events throughout the month, and around £150 raised for Spectra! Amongst other achievements, we’ve been especially proud of our first ever pride parade, and the awareness raised of the LGBT+ community on campus.