Our Statement on Anti-Semitism on Campus

Recently there has been an increase in the number of anti-semetic incidents at Universities across the UK.

Last week, we were invited to a briefing by the Union of Jewish Students who informed us and other Students’ Unions that there had been a sudden increase in the number of Anti-Semitic Incidents on campus.


We are aware of heightened tensions at the moment, and we are aware of a number of students who are being supported by the Brunel University Security Team. We would like to, along with the university, call for calm during this time.


We stand against Anti-Semitism, Racism and Xenophobia in our community. We also support our students’ right to protest and encourage discussion and debate – but not when it aims to incite hatred.


If you have been the victim of Anti-Semitism, or any form of Bullying & Harassment then you can tell the University about this anonymously or with your contact details at Report & Support.