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President fulfils his promise to off campus students

New student kitchen will open in February!


One of the Union’s long term concerns is that there is no dedicated space on campus for off campus students to be able to prepare food they have brought in from home.  This often leads to them being  given no choice but to purchase food on campus, which of course can be very expensive. When elected in 2013 Union President Martin Zaranyika promised to tackle this issue by lobbying for a kitchen for off campus students so that they can have a place to prepare a packed lunch or reheat a meal prepared at home.  Over the last 12 months Martin has been pushing that agenda relentlessly with the University,  and today the Union is happy to announce that his persistence has been successful and a location for a new student accessible kitchen has been secured. Refurbishment works on the new student kitchen, which is located within the ground floor of the Michael Sterling building, are now nearly complete.  The University Estates Department has made some alterations to the space which now includes work surfaces and a sink and will in the coming week have microwaves a small fridge and a seating area.  It is hoped that the area will be open and accessible to students sometime in February.

Martin said of the announcement "having been an off campus student for majority of my time at Brunel I understand the challenges facing those who have to travel in. I am glad that we have finally found a suitable location, every time when it seemed like we had a solution, a barrier would appear. This time, we literally had to knock out a wall down to allow for students to access the kitchen. "

The kitchen is the first of its kind and there are further plans to increase space provision for those who live off campus in the near future.