Remember Where You Live!

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We appreciate that many of you choose to go to Liquid on a Wednesday and we respect that choice you make however concerns have been raised about our members when they return home.

Reports from the community suggest that students have been making a lot of noise, urinating in front gardens and knocking on residents’ doors and running away. While I’m sure it’s not all of you and those involved think it’s probably a bit of fun, but it is completely unacceptable to expect local residents, whether they be your fellow students or not,  to be woken up at 4am to hear screaming, witness vomiting,  being disturbed by knocking on doors or screaming “Oh West London”.

There are now University regulations that mean students can get punished for causing disturbances in the community and effectively bringing the University into disrepute, and of course some of the activity mentioned could (and should ) result in arrest if caught by the police. We don’t want you to get punished for having a good night out, and we certainly don’t want to see students in police cells, we want you to get home safely so you can keep enjoying university life and getting the grades you came here to get.   

Please bear in mind that Brunel is located in a residential area with a wide cross section of population from students to working families with small children and your actions on the way home can cause incredible disruption to their lives. If you, or one of your mates, is drunk, know your limits, don’t spend the £2 on a VK, but spend it on getting a cab to your front door. For your safety, the good of the community, and the sake of your degree, remember where you live and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

We have long stated that the local community respect and support your right to education and enjoy your time at Brunel, so please respect their rights to an undisturbed night’s sleep, a clean environment and a neighbourhood free of anti-social behaviour.


Article written by James Ward (VP Community Welfare)


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