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RentRight 2020

1200 students checked the new Housing Fair last week!

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Last week, we had our #RentRight Housing Fair for Brunel Students. Often for students who study at University, Accomodation is one of the most expensive outgoings and so we wanted to give students a real opportunity to meet letting agents and talk to our Advice staff about what their next steps should be.


After a refresh and a new message, we had 1239 students attending (six times more than last year) - a huge success for students who now have the information they need to secure a house next year.


We also had the charity Age UK come to campus to talk about their new Homeshare scheme for students (over 21) wishing to save money on accommodation costs and willing to help out around the home of a householder. The perfect way to reduce housing costs for students and end lonliness for older people in society.


For more information on the scheme, check out


Finally, we also ran a quiz where students could win a £20 on issues around housing such as Guarator's, Deposit Schemes, Move in Checks and Contracts. Remember, if you need a hand then check out our website or submit a inquiry to the ARC Team