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Rep Spotlight Special - Donna-Marie Holder

Winner of Student Rep of the Year for the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences

On Tuesday 1st May, Staff and Students from across the University gathered to celebrate the achievements of staff and student reps. After an evening of success, the evening finished with the announcement of Donna-Marie Holder, Level 3 Education Department Rep, as the Brunel University Student Rep of the Year Award


Over her time as a Student Rep, Donna-Marie has shown great commitment, diligence and care for both her department and her peers. A notable example of this took place during the last assignment period. One of the students on her course unjustifiably received an email advising her that as she had failed to submit an assignment and her grade would be capped: the student did, in fact, submit the assignment in question, receiving an email confirmation of the submission as evidence.


The student tried to resolve the matter directly with Taught Programme Office but no-one was available. Naturally, this caused her a great deal of emotional and physical stress. Upon further investigation, Donna-Marie found out that this happened to a few other students also. She spoke to them to gather more information so as to help resolve the issue quickly.


To help the students out, Donna-Marie contacted the senior tutor, who she co-chaired the Student Experience Committee with, to assist in resolving the matter. The tutor then liaised with the Taught Programme Office manager and Donna-Marie with the students in an attempt to work out what happened.


As a result of these conversations, it was concluded that the error was due to a technical matter on BlackBoard Learning. The students received a full apology from the Taught Programme Office who confirmed that their grades were not capped.


To follow up the issue, Donna-Marie raised the issue in the Student Experience Committee so that it could be followed up with Taught Programme Office to ensure this matter would not happen again. She also arranged and met with one of the managers in Taught Programme Office directly to discuss the issues in greater detail so as to mitigate similar and/or future issues for the year 1 and 2 cohorts and final submissions for year 3.


Congratulations Donna-Marie for winning the award- you thoroughly deserve it.