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Shoe Box Appeal 2014

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The Campaigns Working group, in collaboration with the chaplaincy and RAG, presents the Shoe Box Appeal 2014! The Shoe Box Appeal has become a tradition at Brunel, and we are pleased to say that this year will be no different.

The Shoe Box Appeal is a way for people to send Christmas gifts to children who normally wouldn’t get any gifts. To participate you need an empty shoebox which you fill with items such as tooth paste, gloves and warm hats, and of course, some toys. On the 18th of November, you then go and hand in your shoebox at the Meeting House, and we will make sure that the box gets delivered to a child just before Christmas!

The union will have a stall in the atrium where you can come and pick up an empty wrapped shoe box during following dates:

  • Friday 24/10 12-4pm

  • Monday 27/10 12-4pm

  • Wednesday 29/10 10am-2pm

  • Monday 3/11 10am-3pm

  • Friday 7/11 12-4pm

  • Thursday 13/11 10am-4pm

  • Friday 14/11 12-4pm

After that all you need to is fill the shoebox with gifts, put a £3 donation in an envelope (for transportation) and hand it in at the Meeting House on the 18th of November! The recipient country of the shoeboxes this year is Moldova.

For Societies and Sports Club there will also be an incentive to participate as there will be two competitions for the teams and societies during this campaign. There will be and award for the team and the society that helps collect the most boxes, and an award for the team or society that in the most creative way attracts attention to the campaign (a fun group photo with the box or something like that). For more information contact your chairman or president.

For any further questions please contact Campaigns Chair Yohanna Sallberg on


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