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Spring Election 2020 Results!

After lots of anticipation, here is the team of Officers elected for the 2020/2021 Year!

After three days of voting, we've counted the votes electronically and the results can now be revealed...


The Spring Elections are some of the most important of the year, where we elect our Full-Time Officer Team including the President, Vice President for Colleges, our Vice President for Student Activities; and our Part-Time Officers. This year, we had 1,674 Students Voting out of 15,542 (10.7% of Students Turned Out).


Assembly Rep for LBIC - Raja Sultan

Disabled Students Officer - Olivia Smith

EU Students Officer - Steila Ramburn

International Students Officer - Aaron Kuriah

BME Officer - Hamzat Isah

Chair of Student Assembly - Khadeeja Sharafat

LGBT+ Officer - Jade Balmer

Women's Officer - Sanjana Bhoir

Environmental & Ethics Officer - Sajni Vekaria

Vice President for the College of Health and Life Sciences - Sam "SJ" Johnson

Vice President for Student Activities - Connie Fernandes

Vice President for the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences - Pritesh Shah

Vice President for the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences - Eshna Sikri

President - Anvitha "Vinny" Parachuri


Well done to all of our successful Officers, and a big well done to all of the candidates and campaigners in the Spring Elections! We'll be back, and doing this all over again in our Autumn Elections in October, 2020.