Statement on Corona Virus (COVID-19)

This Statement follows on from our the message that we put out yesterday (16th of March, 2020)


Following on from the guidance from the UK Government, we have taken the decision to close The Venue and Loco's immedietly. We are working to ensure the safety of our Staff and Members by limiting our contact with the public.


We have also taken the decision to close our Union Reception to students and our Finance Team. Our ARC Advice Service has also closed physically, but we are still supporting students - You can still submit Inquiry Forms and you'll be contacted with advice or a Skype/Telephone call.


Advent Advocacy

Our resident Advocate, Devina, will still be working during this time but instead of the Atrium - They will be based in the Library. If students would prefer, they can contact us remotely on the following channels:


By email at, by telephone at 01325 373 301 and also their social media channels: @uniadvocates


Finally, we'd ask that you continue to follow the advice from the University, NHS and the Government.


We will add to this statement as we learn more today. You can find all of our statements on the Union Website at