Statement on Vandalism in the Library

We all know the enormous benefits of having Library open for 24 hours in Brunel. Particularly to international students, postgraduates and students with disabilities. It will encourage students to study and work in a comfortable and safe environment with access to many resources available round the clock.


These facilities have been put in place to deliver a great student experience. But times are changing and there are threats to its “purpose of existence”. In the last month, there have been several incidents in the library where toilets have been purposely blocked and then continually flushed until it overflowed and flooded the toilet and the Learning Commons area. It also poured through the floor of the toilet and started flooding the foyer toilet below just by the café. These acts have disturbed peace in the library, added to the workloads of cleaning and Library staff and inconvenienced those using the Library for study. 


Incidents like these will not be tolerated and will be acted upon seriously by the university.  


We hope to restore the positive culture in our students' community and create a safe space which stays open 24 hours.


If you see anyone acting suspiciously, please report them as a matter of urgency to a member of staff or call Brunel Security on 01895255786


Yours sincerely,  


Ranjeet Rathore


Brunel Students Union