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Statement regarding incident in Loco's Bar (18th June)

Statement following an incident in Loco's on Friday Night.

Sport at Locos – big thank you to those people who are still coming to Locos to enjoy the Euros and having a great time. Unfortunately, I need to apologise to the customers who attended Friday night’s game between England and Scotland. The end of the night was marred by an altercation with members of the  Union Men's Football and Men's Rugby teams.


Following that incident, I have made the decision to refuse entry to all members of both Men's teams for the rest of the academic year. This means ALL club members will no longer be welcome at Locos until September, regardless of attendance on Friday night. Individuals involved have sufficiently tarnished the reputations of their clubs to create a blanket ban.


I hope that those members who wish to enjoy the excitement and competition of the Euros, safe and welcome in their union bar, can now feel able to do so and we look forward to seeing you at England’s next game on Tuesday 22nd June at 8pm.