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Student Assembly January 2018

Last week (Thursday 25th Jan) was the first Student Assembly of 2018. There was a packed agenda managed by the Student Assembly Chair, Alex. Here are the highlights of the meeting.

Media and Rag changes

Student assembly have approved Media and Rag ceasing to be standing committees and becoming societies. This change will lead to them being more effective and better supported going forward. For more information on Media and RAG, click the links.

Changes to the Unions elections

A number of changes to the Unions election cycle were proposed to Student Assembly, all of which passed. As such going forwards we will be electing Liberation Officers, Sports Fed, and Societies Guild in the Spring election cycle. This change removes the Summer elections cycle and reduces the number of elections we are running throughout the year. This will help increase engagement in elections overall, and also give the positions previously elected in the Summer the coverage and prestige they deserve.

It was also decided that Democracy Committee would be elected from Student Assembly and not cross campus. It sits as a committee of Student Assembly, and as such it makes sense to elect from these members. In addition by electing from Student Assembly, the members will have a better experience of the Unions' procedures and processes, which will support them in making changes and recommendations relating to democracy.


We will not be actively boycotting the NSS this year. While we acknowledge the value that NSS data holds for the University, the relationship with the TEF is a conflict of interests so we will not be outwardly supporting the survey this year. You can read more on this from Vice President CHLS Rachel here.


The following commendations where also issued in the meeting:

  • President and VP Student Activities for their work on the Brunel Bikes campaign.
  • President and VP CBASS for securing a £300k investment in the library.
  • VP CBASS for the delivery of Islamophobia awareness month.
  • VP CEDPS for the lecture capture campaign.
  • Environment and Ethics Officer for securing funding from student eats.
  • International Students Officer for the Christmas dinner event.
  • Disabled students Officer for the work done on studio flats for disabled students.